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Learn From Others’ Experiences, Insights, Recommendations For Successful Energy Transition

Learn from others’ experiences, insights, recommendations for successful energy transition

Communities across Europe are pushing forward energy transition to forge a more sustainable future. This makes it critically important to learn from each others’ experiences and apply the recommendations that arise from these various transition efforts. SONNET’s new succinct and visual Energy Read and Infographic enable just that.

Our team has analysed social innovations in energy in six different countries: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (more here). The findings – gathered through a remarkable 171 in-depth interviews, participant observation in 37 events, and analysis of 298 documents – have been translated into a succinct ‘Energy Read‘ and an infographic, ensuring that learnings are widely accessible.

The Energy Read, which condenses 2000 pages of research into a readable 14-page publication, analyses six different fields of social innovations in energy, proposing key insights into each field along with recommendations for social innovation actors, municipalities, and for national and EU policy makers.

Read the document to gain insights into the fields of: city-level competitions; cooperative energy production and consumption; innovative financing and subsidies for renewable energy; framings against fossil fuel energy pathways; local electricity exchanges; and participatory incubation and experimentation.

Curious about this extensive research process? The new infographic sheds light on the research process that led to these practical and useable insights.

Make use of these outputs to learn from peers! Download the Energy Read here, browse the infographic here, and access all SONNET publications (including the first SONNET Energy Read) at:

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