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The SONNET project brought diverse groups together to make sense of how social innovation can bring about more sustainable energy systems in Europe.

How has social innovation contributed to making our energy sources cleaner? How can social change help reduce our carbon footprint in the future? SONNET cities and academic partners worked together to get to the bottom of these questions and more.

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Watch the project’s final video for a look back at what SONNET accomplished.

SONNET breaks down divisions: it looks at how technological and social innovations meet to jointly contribute to the energy transition, and it brings together academic and city partners to co-create knowledge collaboratively from ‘day one’

Latest Activity

The latest news, events and publications from the SONNET team

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How can we ensure that people are centred in energy transitions? What is needed from leaders at all…

How policies can put people at the heart of energy transitions

SONNET and three of its sister projects are proud to present a Joint Policy Brief on how policy…

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