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SONNET Case Studies: diving deep to understand social innovations in energy across Europe

To explore how social innovations in energy (SIEs) can shape – and are shaping – energy transitions, SONNET took on the task of compiling 18 in-depth Case Studies and 6 Country Reports. These Case Studies span six countries and six ‘SIE-fields’, which we define as a specific SIE, as well as the actors working on that innovation, and the actors in the field that enable and/or impede their work.

Read all Case Studies below, get an overview of key findings in our second Energy Read, and re-visit our last two webinars, in which we dove deeper into the Case Studies on “framings against fossil fuel energy pathways” and “financing and subsidies for renewable energy”.

SONNET Case Study research entailed reviewing 298 documents, conducting 171 in-depth interviews, and taking on participant observation in 37 online events. This led to Case Studies with timelines, key insights, and recommendations for SIE actors, local governments, and for national and EU policy-makers.

SIE-fields examined, and which country was the focus of each SIE-field Case Study

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