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Explored: Social Innovation in Energy Transitions
SONNET Webinar Series

What activities “count” as social innovations in energy transitions? How do they work? What roles do public institutions play in such initiatives? How can small-scale energy projects compete with big players in the energy sector?

The SONNET webinar series will explore these and many more questions. The series will engage researchers, local governments, sister projects, leaders of social innovation initiatives, and more.

All interested persons are warmly welcome to join the discussions!


More information about the upcoming SONNET webinar will be coming soon!

Past Webinars

31 March 2020
Webinar 1: (Almost) Everything you need to know about the “What, Who and How”

The SONNET project kicked-off its first webinar by exploring (Almost) Everything you need to know about the “What, Who and How”

This webinar opened a discussion on Social Innovation in Energy (SIE) in Europe today, and explored the diversity of SIE already being deployed. Speakers shared their practical experiences from both research and a local government perspectives.


  • Dr. Julia Wittmayer, Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT)
  • Dr. Jana Deforche, City of Antwerp
  • Dr. Donal Brown, University of Leeds

The webinar was facilitated by Niklas Mischkowski, Governance and Social Innovation Officer, ICLEI Europe.

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