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Opportunity: Join Us To Explore Unlocking The Transformative Power Of Social Innovations In Energy

Opportunity: Join us to explore unlocking the transformative power of social innovations in energy

Are you working on social innovation in energy? Then join SONNET on Wednesday, 9 June 2021, 09:30-17:00 CEST for a workshop to train social innovators to see and understand power dynamics. Explore power in your context, reflect on working with power strategically, and come away feeling equipped to apply what you’ve learned in your daily work.

Social innovations are deeply embedded in and shaped by power. All those working on social innovations in energy, showing the world what alternative energy futures or practices look like, are invited to apply to join SONNET’s upcoming Power Lab training workshop!

Apply now to join our ‘translocal’ and interactive training on understanding and transforming power relations in energy. The workshop will enable you to increase your impact by learning about how you can challenge existing power relations, connecting you with peers from across Europe, and inviting you to co-create a guide on transformative power for social innovators.

There are a limited number of spaces available in the training workshop. To apply for a spot, please submit this form by Thursday, 20 May.

This workshop will gather change-makers and social innovators in energy from across Europe. All those considering new ways of doing, thinking and organising energy – including via energy cooperatives, local electricity exchange between peers, energy games, participatory experimentation and incubation, innovative financing, or campaigns against non-renewable energy – are invited to apply.

During this workshop, we will provide social innovators with training to better see and understand power dynamics. This full-day online workshop spans four main blocks: 

  1. Recognising power in your context;
  2. Understanding power dynamics of social innovation in energy;
  3. Unpacking tensions;
  4. Designing strategic interventions to increase transformative power.

Preparatory material will be shared ahead of the workshop, and the outcomes will be used to collectively prepare a guide on transformative power for social innovators.

Anyone working on social innovation in the energy transition is welcome to apply, including entrepreneurs, activists, policy makers, researchers and other curious individuals who are committed to changing energy systems. The focus of the workshop will be on EU and Horizon 2020 countries, but applicants from outside this region are welcome to apply.

Apply by submitting your application form by Thursday 20 May

Due to limited spaces available, applicants will be selected based on motivation and relevant experience. Successful applicants will be informed in the week of 24 May. Participation in this event is free of charge, but registration and commitment to participation is required.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop or the application, please contact Tessa de Geus ( 

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