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Using an app to connect to and influence energy consumers

Enerjoy – Testing a personal energy tracker app in Basel

City Lab research led by: ZHAW with the City of Basel

Our context

Global climate strikes and increasing environmental awareness are gaining momentum in Switzerland. This is against the backdrop of a long legacy in Switzerland of strong public participation, and the ubiquity of personal computing power, which come together to form a strong foundation to engage citizens.

Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB) – the energy, water and telecom utility and service provider of the City of Basel – has developed an app called Enerjoy to track an individual’s CO2-footprint, which will be launched in early 2020. At the end of each day, users will be able to visually understand whether their actions have exceeded the Earth’s available resources, and will receive personalised feedback on how their own CO2-footprint can be best reduced.

The app aims to build a community of highly motivated and environmentally-conscious users. In bringing digital and social innovation together, individuals can take responsibility for their CO2-relevant actions.

City Lab description

The Basel SONNET City Lab will take the Enerjoy app launch as an opportunity to test its impact on users.

New Enerjoy users will receive a survey before using the app to establish their baseline behaviours, environmental awareness and attitudes. After using the app for a period of several months, SONNET will check-in with them once again regarding how they perceive any changes in themselves. In addition to the survey data, participant interviews, as well as direct in-app activity will provide more insights on the effectiveness of the approach in supporting people to make more environmentally-friendly decisions.

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