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Using an app to connect to and influence energy consumers

Enerjoy – Testing a personal energy tracker app in Basel

City Lab research led by: ZHAW with the City of Basel

Our context

Global climate strikes and increasing environmental awareness are gaining momentum in Switzerland. This is against the backdrop of a long legacy in Switzerland of strong public participation, and the ubiquity of personal computing power, which come together to form a strong foundation to engage citizens.

City Lab description

The goal of the SONNET City Lab in Basel was to support more sustainable individual behaviour through the use of the Enerjoy app, which encourages users to reduce their CO2 footprint by changing climate-relevant behaviors. The app was developed by the local state-owned energy and water utility Industrielle Werke Basel, which was the main partner for the SONNET Basel City Lab. The Lab engaged about 500 app users, working with them to measure the app’s impact on eating and mobility behaviour. In 2021, Enerjoy was widely released and is now available to download from the Swiss Apple and Google Play app stores. The app development team will continue the project beyond the SONNET City Lab and is testing the viability of business models for continued growth.

Key learnings

  • The app increased awareness about the impact of everyday transportation and food choices on CO2 emissions, and shed light on personal responsibility for climate change.
  • While motivational messages did not significantly impact behaviour change, the app did produce significant reduction in CO2-relevant consumption.

Read the Basel City Lab report here.

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